The Advisory Board provides leadership to Wallowa Resources through:

  1. Strategic planning and program development
  2. Fundraising and organizational development
  3. Meeting annually in Portland – or at a site agreed upon by the committee's members.

These are the members of the Wallowa Resources' Advisory Board:

Nels Gabbert: Nels Gabbert, LLC

Martin Goebel: Moebius Partners, LLC.

Rocky Dixon: Founder and Managing Director, Endeavor Capital LLC

Eileen Trudeau: Fundraising consultant

Jeff Nuss: Founder, President and CEO, Greenwood Resources LLC

Phil Brick: Professor, Whitman College

Greg Fullem: Lawyer, Schwabe, Williamson and Wyatt (Law Firm)

       Bobby Cochran: Willamette Partnership and National Policy Consensus Center

       Meg Mitchell: Retired US Forest Service Regional Forest Representative

       Bruce Andrews: Former Director of Oregon Department of Agriculture



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