Penny Arentsen - Education Instructor

penny artensenPenny was the previous Youth Education Coordinator at Wallowa Resources and has created K-12 outdoor education programs in Wallowa County and the Pacific Northwest. She is enjoying spending more time with her daughter,son, and husband, and whitewater rafting company, Winding Waters River Expeditions. She is passionate about playing outdoors, including backcountry skiing and fiddling with horses. Penny is an active volunteer in the community. Penny has a B.A. in Geology from Colorado College and an M.S. in Watershed Science from Utah State University and Environmental Education from the Teton Science School.

Nikki Beachy - Education Instructor

nikki beachyNikki Beachy grew up on a small ranch in Colorado taking up trail riding and backpacking early on. She made her way to Qinghai province in the Tibetan region of China where she lived for 7 years and studied Anthropology, Mandarin Chinese, Amdo Tibetan, and met her husband Mike. She moved back to the US where she had three sons, Drew, Isaac, and Caleb who attend Joseph Charter school. She went on to the Environment and Resource Stewardship school and with OSU’s Extension Master Naturalist and Master Gardener programs in Marion and Deschutes county. She has worked at Oregon State Parks as an Interpretive Ranger and at Wallowa County Vegetation Department. She’s an avid ink landscape artist and enjoys spending time fishing with her family and hiking long distance trails.

Amy Busch - Education Instructor

amybusch Amy is passionate about getting kids outside and wellness and was the former youth education manager until 2018. She currently works at Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness as their Chief of Public Relations and Communications and excited about bring love-filled care to Wallowa County. Amy and her husband, Ryan, heard stories about Wallowa County from Ryan's stepdad, Jim Redman, who grew up in this area. After years of living in several other rural western towns, Ryan and Amy appreciate the blend of working landscapes, wild places, and diverse community that Wallowa County offers. They are amazed by how this community works together to tackle issues and excited to be a part of the process. 

Amy got her bachelor's degree at University of California, Santa Barbara and thought she would pursue marine and coastal ecology. But once she discovered her love of teaching at a residential camp, she realized she wanted to share the outdoors with others, no matter the topic. This love took her all over the West until she went back to school for her Master of Science in Environmental Education and certificate in Nonprofit Management at Southern Oregon University. She currently is the board chair for Environmental Education Association of Oregon. Amy's love for the outdoors, health, and rural places has never stopped and neither has she. Look for her flying by in running shoes, in hiking boots on the way to a peak, on her bike, on her skis up Salt Creek Summit, or on the soccer field.


Janet Hohmann - Education Instructor

jan hohmannJanet has worked with us as a research biologist and educator since 2000. She has been a wildlife biologist and outdoor educator for over 30 years. Since earning a BS in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana, she has worked as a field biologist for the US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Nature Conservancy. Her research mainly focues on non-game species, including various amphibians, small mammals, neotropical songbirds, forest and prairie grouse, hawks, and owls. Over the past 25 years, she has also worked as a backcountry interpretive guide, school class guest speaker, and trip leader for Elderhostel International.

Cheri Miller - Education Instructor

cheri millerCheri works at a veterinary clinic. She received her BS degree in Wildlife Science from Oregon State University, which she used when she worked as a Wilderness Ranger and a Wildlife Biologist for the US Forest Service in Enterprise and John Day, OR before teaching youth education programs with Wallowa Resources. Cheri loves how many children Wallowa Resources inspires. Even her own children have participated in the WREN and OWL programs and wishes that there were more!

Ehlana Struth - Education Instructor

ehlana struthEhlana has been living in Wallowa County just over a year and half, soaking up the constant beauty of the mountains and spending a considerable amount of time thinking, doing, and being. Growing up in the Willamette Valley, Ehlana found a love for the infinite wonder and awe that nature inspires and a constant desire to seek out new experiences. She has spent past summers as a camp counselor across Oregon and Washington and past Autumn and Winter pulling shots of espresso, selling bread, and earning a BS at Corban University.

She is excited about writing poetry, long road trips, hiking and backpacking, veganism, shopping at Soroptimist religiously, yoga, and finding the best places to hang up a hammock and take a nap.

When not occupied with the above activities, Ehlana spends her waking hours gardening professionally, mentoring kids and leading after-school programs and summer camp for Building Healthy Families, and working as an education instructor for the WREN program.

Brent Wydrinski - Education Instructor

brent wydrinski Brent Wydrinski is a true renaissance man of Wallowa County. He blows glass, writes music, sings songs, creates sculptures, and more. He loves the outdoors, raspberries, and pie. Brent teaches our  backpacking trips and summer camps, which combine his passion for science, youth, and the great outdoors. His volunteer spirit knows no bounds – he coached youth soccer; he frequently helped newcomers at the local ski hill enjoy winter sports; he laid down tracks for Skating with Santa and kept the ice smooth for hockey games at the Wallowa Valley Community ice rink. He also worked for Building Healthy Families as a teaching aid for the Alternative High School and Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness as a mentor for kids. Currently, Brent lives in Bend but occasionally makes trips back to the county to help with our summer programs.

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