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RVCC Group PhotoWallowa Resources fiscally sponsors the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (RVCC), a coalition promoting proven, innovative approaches to sustainable rural economies that transcend partisan and social gridlock. Through a Leadership Team of ten Western rural leaders and their organizations RVCC combines collaborative conservation, civic engagement, and entrepreneurial innovation.

RVCC is led by two full-time staff based in Portland, Oregon, and supported by a Leadership Team comprised of long-term Coalition members invested in our success. The RVCC Leadership Team advances the mission of the Coalition through strategic planning and decision making. Leadership Team members offer a wide range of geographical and issue area expertise, forming a diverse group that is representative of the Coalition.

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RVCC envisions healthy landscapes and vibrant rural communities across the American West. 

Interdependence – The health of our rural communities and landscapes are interdependent. Policy solutions must not sacrifice one to advance the other.

Resilience and Diversity – Resilience and diversity are the key components that provide for both ecosystem productivity, social equity and economic well-being.

Sustainability – Long-term resource, food and energy security is dependent on re-investment in the sustainability of ecosystems and rural economies.

Collaborative Solutions – Collaboration relies on an inclusive process that is respectful of diverse interests, and creates durable solutions based on mutual benefit and positive action


The coalition maintains three core goals focused on Policy, Storytelling, and Learning:

  1. Create and improve ecologically responsible and economically equitable natural resource policies that advance rural community vitality through land stewardship.
  2. Establish and grow the visibility of collaborative, community based natural resource management to increase trust in RVCC and build the middle.  
  3. Facilitate learning among community based practitioners and institutional entrepreneurs to increase innovation and implementation of land stewardship projects.


We are a movement of community leaders implementing pragmatic solutions that catalyze positive change on the ground and reconnect economic, environmental, and community health. Partners and the Leadership Team include rural community advocates, regional and national conservation organizations, environmentalists, business owners, landowners, federal and state land managers, researchers, county and state government representatives.


We represent a voice from the middle, supporting results- oriented collaboration, land stewardship, and conservation- based economic development for the rural West. RVCC serves as a network for learning, storytelling, and collective impact. Our efforts enhance rural communities while protecting the health of the land and resource-based economies in the West.


We advocate for the inclusion of comprehensive community interests in public and private land management. Our priorities include rural jobs through land stewardship; collaborative, cross-boundary solutions; and building the capacity of community based organizations to enhance conservation outcomes.

The Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (RVCC) envisions healthy landscapes and vibrant rural communities throughout the American West. Our mission is to develop an engaged and diverse network of community leaders who advance policy solutions that align public and private land stewardship with community benefit.


Ecosystem Workforce Program, OR Forest Stewards Guild, NM Heart of the Rockies Initiative, MT Mt. Adams Resource Stewards, WA Salmon Valley Stewardship, ID Siuslaw Institute, OR Sustainable Northwest, OR Sustainable Southeast Partnership, AK Wallowa Resources, OR Watershed Research & Training Center, CA


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