joannsnead Jo Ann Snead is a naturalist of many colors, so to speak. She earned a B.S. degree in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Florida in 1976. She relocated to the Northwest and worked as a lab tech in Forest Physiology/Fish Pathology and as a community college physics tutor. On the Oregon coast she collected data for a Columbia River estuary research project, served as a naturalist interpreter at the Cannon Beach tide pools, and tutored chemistry students. She has worked as a research assistant at Point Reys Bird Observatory and the Delta Wetland Research Center in Manitoba, Canada.

Jo Ann was a resident of Malheur Field Station in SE Oregon before comming to Wallowa County to work with the Forest Service as a forestry tech and then as a botany field surveyor. In 1999 she began working with children as a literacy programmer, storytelling and playing music. This interest developed into a preschool science program, which she ran for several years in Wallowa County. She now lives in Astoria, OR and travels back to Wallowa County to teach outdoor school

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