brentwydrinski 3Brent Wydrinski is a true renaissance man of Wallowa County. He blows glass, writes music, sings songs, creates sculptures, and more. He loves the outdoors, raspberries, and pie. Brent teaches our Friday Science Adventures classes, backpacking trips, and summer camps, which combine his passion for science, youth, and the great outdoors. His volunteer spirit knows no bounds – he coaches youth soccer; he frequently helps newcomers at the local ski hill enjoy winter sports; he lays down tracks for Skating with Santa and keeps the ice smooth for hockey games at the Wallowa Valley Community ice rink. He also works for Building Healthy Families as a teaching aid for the Alternative High School and Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness as a mentor for at-risk/high-needs kids. Promoting happiness and ensuring Wallowa County is a caring community for everyone are just two of Brent's admirable life pursuits. 

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